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Certified Pre-Owned Program

Our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Engine program is about delivering greater value and peace of mind to P&WC-powered used-aircraft buyers and sellers. The program also supports aircraft dealers in differentiating their inventory – helping drive sales and reducing time on market.

Pratt & Whitney Canada offers a Certified Pre-Owned program for PT6A, PT6C-67C, PW206C and PW207C engines powering used aircraft. The program provides a variety of benefits to both buyers and sellers of these aircraft.

How it works: PT6A and helicopter engines that pass through a thorough certification inspection are eligible for a two-year/500-hour warranty (whichever comes first).

Benefits to Aircraft Buyers
Buyers of aircraft equipped with Certified Pre-Owned PT6A and selected turboshaft engines receive

  • two-year/500-hour warranty on engine(s)
  • up to $15,000 USD credit towards enrollment in Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP™)
  • complimentary one-year subscription to the P&WC  technical publications maintenance collection
  • discounts on engine maintenance training from P&WC’s global training supplier FlightSafety International
  • preferential pricing on non-covered events
  • greater value and peace of mind

Benefits to Aircraft Dealers
Aircraft equipped with Certified Pre-Owned engines can help

  • attract more buyers
  • reduce days on market
  • increase selling value
  • differentiate inventory
  • increase loyalty

Certified Pre-Owned Engine Conditions:
  • engine(s) must pass an inspection
  • must have been maintained in a P&WC-owned or designated facility
  • must contain only P&WC genuine parts

To find out how P&WC's Certified Pre-Owned Engine Program can benefit you, contact us by email at cpo@pwc.ca or read our Airtime blog post.

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Contact us by email at cpo@pwc.ca 

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