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comprehensive warranties for greater peace of mind
Spare Parts Warranty
Standard Conditions of Sale apply to new parts from P&WC or, in the case of parts, its designated distributors. The coverage is 500 hours or 90 days after first use, whichever occurs first, or within 12 months of delivery from P&WC. P&WC will repair or replace parts found to be defective due to a defect in material and/or manufacturing workmanship. Transportation will be paid by P&WC, subject to standard exclusions.
This coverage is not to be confused with the Return Material process for Defective New Material. Standard Conditions of Sale are intended to cover those parts which are installed within 12 months of delivery and which have been operated for less than 500 hours or 90 days, whichever occurs first.
First Run/Basic Coverage Period
This is a period of coverage that applies to specific engine models or engine model/market combination. It may contain elements of engine operating hours and calendar time (such as 2,500 engine operating hours or five years), or engine operating time only (such as 1,000 engine operating hours).
Within that period, most policies offer coverage of 100% for repair or replacement of engine parts (material and labour) found to have a defect due to material and/or manufacturing workmanship. Some policies may offer 100% for the first portion of the First Run/Basic Coverage Period, and then pro-rate the coverage for the balance. For example, the Basic Coverage Period may be 2,500 engine operating hours or 5 years, but the coverage is 100% for the first 1,000 hours then pro-rated over the next 1,500 hours.
Each policy will define whether commercial support within the First Run/Basic Coverage Period extends to removal and installation labour, or transportation for the removed engine or engine parts.
Unless otherwise specified in the policy, all installed accessories have the same First Run/Basic Coverage Period warranty as the engine on which they are installed. The only variation is that accessories installed on engines with a pro-rated First Run/Basic Coverage Period will be covered 100% for the full period rather than pro-rated.
Primary Parts Service Policy (PPSP)
The PPSP offers support in the cost of repairing or replacing Engine Primary Parts damaged within their class life due to a defect in material and/or manufacturing workmanship. A class life refers to the life assigned to an Engine Primary Part by P&WC for the purpose of calculating the pro-rated credit allowance under the PPSP. Additionally, if a specific Engine Primary Part within its class life requires repair or replacement due to P&WC imposed hourly, cyclic, or other limitations on that Primary Part's continued use in normal operation, P&WC will provide a pro-rated credit allowance on the repair or the replacement cost of a new Primary Part.
A complete list of Primary Parts and their class lives is attached to the applicable warranty for New Engines and Service Policies.
Extended Engine Service Policy (EESP)
EESP (which has also been known as the ""Limited Cost Overhaul"") is applied in the event of extensive damage resulting from defect in material or manufacturing workmanship, where P&WC Warranty Administration, at its option, determines that an overhaul is required. P&WC will, at its option, either limit the cost of the overhaul or the engine exchange.
In the event P&WC limits the cost of the overhaul, the operator will pay a Maximum Event Cost, plus Ageing and Extra Charges, based on the number of hours on the affected engine, ageing and environmental factors, and LCF parts usage.
The usage cost is determined in the applicable Service Information Letter (SIL).
The EESP is subject to authorization by P&WC Warranty Administration and must be accomplished at a facility designated by P&WC Warranty Administration. 

warranty & information claiming

With MyP&WC Power you will find information on coverage inquiries, customer support program notifications and instructions on how to make a claim. You will also find claiming tools related to your business type. 
We offer the following warranty claim options online via the portal:
Warranty Portal System application – Exclusively for P&WC Designated Overhaul Facilities and P&WC Service Centres, the Warranty Portal System enables you to make a claim, create an Unplanned Removal notification, as well as verify your claim status and Unplanned Removal status.
eClaim – Exclusively for line maintenance service Providers and Operators, eClaim allows you to generate a claim online and check the status of your claim.

Myp&wc power

MyP&WC Power offers the following features:
Register Warranty: Submit a request for new engine Warranty registration
Coverage Inquiry: Input your engine serial number to determine your available warranty coverage.
Customer Service Program Notification (CSPN): Search for and display Customer Support Programs.


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