Technical Publications

Our Technical Publications are accessible via our MyP&WC Power customer portal. You can now purchase the publications, manage your subscriptions, view online and download your publications locally.

Our customer portal continues to evolve. If you have not yet subscribed to MyP&WC Power, we invite you to do so. In the meantime, the following is an overview of our Technical Publications features and updates.

You asked, we listened. Now, on the portal you can:

Search for service bulletins from the main search bar

See engine model and compliance code in service bulletin email notifications

Download bulletin lists based on search results

Receive notifications about updated manuals online and via email

Renew your subscriptions without service interruption, keeping your license assignments

Did you know you can also?

Access publications once you are assigned a license by your company admin

Access interactive maintenance manuals and illustrated parts catalogs

Download a copy of your manual to your device

Save your shopping cart and transfer it to another user

Quickly access your preferred publications by clicking on the * and activating the publications widget on your dashboard

Our interactive electronic technical publications provide:

  • High resolution graphics
  • Content that is maximized to size of your page
  • Ability to select content to print within a specific section
  • Access to current and previous revisions
  • Temporary revisions
  • Links from the parts catalog to check spare parts availability
  • Link from maintenance manuals to the Spotlight online tool for troubleshooting
  • Ability to create bookmarks
  • Ability to search within a manual
  • Configurable font size
  • Pre-populated support tickets
  • Automatic subscriptions to items being added to your collections
  • Revamped publications-status report with enhanced filtering capabilities
  • Ability to view your DAA letter(s)
  • Video content featured within the technical publications
  • Enhanced control over user roles


For new aircraft operators, receive a complimentary two-year subscription to our online maintenance collection including:

  • Engine Maintenance Manual
  • Engine Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • Engine Service Bulletins, Spare Parts Bulletins and Service Information Letters
  • Spotlight Engine Diagnostic Tool (available online for PT6E, PW100, PW200, PW210, PW300 and PW800 models)
  • Ground-based software for engine diagnostics, prognostics and health management (available for selected models)
  • Online technical publication revision services (from date of new aircraft delivery)

To access technical publications (for all operators):

1. Register on the MyP&WC Power customer portal where you will need to complete the Technical Data Agreement and Publication Registration Certificate

2. Once registered and the forms completed, verify that you have access to your publications by clicking on “Library” and “View by Publications”

3. Get started with our tutorials 

If you have questions, please contact us at, or toll-free (USA & Canada) at: 1-800-268-8000, Global: 1-450-647-8000, International: (+IAC*): +8000-268-8000 (Option # 3)


Technical Publications

Global Number: +1 450-647-8000 (Publications)

USA & Canada:
1-800-268- 8000 (Publications)

International (where available):
* (IAC): +8000-268- 8000 (Publications)

Need support?

US & Canada
1 800 268-8000


Call: +8000-268-8000

or: +01-450-647-8000

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