Technical Publications

Our Technical Publications are accessible via our MyP&WC Power customer portal. You can now purchase the publications, manage your subscriptions, view online and download your publications locally.

Our portal continues to evolve thanks to your support, use and feedback. If you have not yet subscribed to MyP&WC Power, we invite you to do so. In the meantime, what follows is a quick overview of what's happening on the Technical Publications via MyP&WC Power.


You asked, we listened.

Search for service bulletins from the main search bar

Engine model and compliance code now appear in service bulletin email notifications

Download of bulletins list based on search results

Improved page loading times on portal

Receive improved new/revised manual notifications online and via email

Renew your subscriptions without service interruption keeping your license assignments


Did you know?

Access Publications once you are assigned a license by your Company admin

Interactive (dynamic) manuals available for Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Catalog

Ability to download locally a copy of your manual

Save your shopping cart and transfer it to another user

Quick access to your favorite publications by clicking on the * and activating the publications widget on your dashboard

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications:

  • High resolution graphics
  • Maximize size of your page
  • Select what to print within a specific section
  • Access current and previous revision
  • Incorporation of Temporary Revision
  • Link from Parts Catalog to spare parts availability
  • Link from Maintenance Manual to Spotlight for troubleshooting
  • Set your bookmarks
  • Search within manual
  • Configure/customize font size
  • Pre-populate support ticket

Automatic subscriptions to items being added to your collections

Revamp of publications status report with enhanced filtering capability

View your DAA letter(s)

Technical Publications featuring video content

Better control of who does what with additional user roles such as:

  • Admin
  • Finance Admin
  • Library Admin
  • General user
  • TechPubs Viewer


For Operators of New Aircraft (excluding used aircraft)

Free two-year subscription to our online Maintenance Collection consisting of the following:

  • Engine Maintenance Manual
  • Engine Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • Engine Service Bulletins, Spare Parts Bulletins and Service Information Letters
  • Engine Diagnostic Tool – Spotlight (available online for PW100, PW200 and PW300 models)
  • Ground Base Software – Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Management (available online, only for selected models)

Online revision service beginning from the date of new aircraft delivery (excluding used aircrafts) is provided free of charge for a period of two years, and at a nominal fee thereafter. For more information on your publications, please follow the steps below.

1. Please read and complete the Publication Registration Certificate and then return by email to

2. Please read and complete the Technical Data Agreement and then return by email to

3. Register now on the P&WC Customer Portal

  • To access online services such as Technical Publications, Warranty and ESP® Reporting you must be registered to our Customer Portal
  • Once you have registered on our Customer Portal, you will receive two emails: one with your user name, and a separate one with your password

4. Access your Technical Publications

  • Once logged-in, verify that you have access to your publications by clicking on “Library” and “View by Publications”.

5. Getting Started Tutorials - See How Things Work

  • The first time you log in on My P&WC Power, you will be prompt to go through a quick tour of the application. This tutorial will give you all the necessary information to properly navigate through the portal.

6. If you have questions, please contact us at, or toll-free (USA & Canada) at: 1-800-268-8000, Global: 1-450-647-8000, International: (+IAC*): +8000-268-8000 (Option # 3)


Other Operators/Customers

P&WC offers technical publications for used/leased aircraft operators and maintenance providers from its Customer Portal. For more information on these technical publications including pricing, please go to the P&WC Power Customer Portal. Once on the portal, click on the “Buy Online” tab for more information. If you are not registered on our portal, please follow steps 2 to 6 listed above.

Remember, each user is unique. Register for your own MyP&WC Power username and password on the login page.

If you have questions, please contact us at, or toll-free (USA & Canada) at: 1-800-268-8000, Global: 1-450-647-8000, International: (+IAC*): +8000-268-8000


Technical Publications

Global Number: +1 450-647-8000 (Publications)

USA & Canada:
1-800-268- 8000 (Publications)

International (where available):
* (IAC): +8000-268- 8000 (Publications)

Need support?

US & Canada
1 800 268-8000


Call: +8000-268-8000

or: +01-450-647-8000

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