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Looking to buy engine parts, repair components, or overhaul or repair accessories? P&WC offers world-class inventory and service levels to meet your needs in a timely and cost effective manner.
new, used serviceable and exchange parts

Our fully refurbished serviceable parts are available at a greatly reduced cost compared with new parts.  P&WC specializes in difficult-to-manage, expensive and mission-critical hot section components.  We have the largest inventory of P&WC components in the world and can provide timely, cost effective solutions to inventory management needs.

trade in for a new pw100 fuel pump for just $20,000 usd

Special offer: For only $20,000 USD (2023 prices), exchange an old or unserviceable PW100 fuel pump for a new one, including a two-year/2,000-hour warranty.

Quantities are limited and orders will be filled based on availability and on a first- come, first served basis.

Prices are subject to yearly changes. Please contact us today at 1-866-908-0234 or for a quote and to place an order.
Part numbers: 3120249-02, 3117094-03 and 3117095-02

Our spare parts are available worldwide to operators through a combination of direct sales from P&WC and/or P&WC authorized distributors.

We offer a fully operational customer portal for your convenience.

You can depend on our parts support people for assistance with:

Customized spare parts recommendations for each maintenance level
Parts provisioning data and assistance
Spare Parts Application Data List (SPADL)
Spare Parts pricing
We pride ourselves on providing solutions, not just parts. Email us at
Our engine experts perform repairs on components related to the PT6, JT15D, PW100, PW150, PW200, PW300, PW500, PW600 and PW900 series engines. Our three facilities in North America can handle component repairs for all of our engine models.

Repair facilities capabilities and contacts
Component Repairs – St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada repair capabilities include:
  • All P&WC manual repairs
  • P&WC specialized repairs
  • Non-standard repairs for parts outside of manual limits (engineering support)
  • Full cleaning and inspection

Component Repairs – Wichita Falls, Texas, USA capabilities include:
  • HT, LT, LP, PT and HP stators
  • Vane rings
  • Exhaust Ducts repairs for PT6A, B, C & T models
  • CT shroud housings
  • PT stator housings
  • HP vanes, turbine interstage cases
  • Combustion liners
  • Specialized coatings - AS9100
  • Fluoride ion cleaning

Component Repairs – Rzeszow, Poland:
  • Gas Generator repairs for PT6A, B, C & T models

ACCESSORY repair and overhaul

Our Accessory Services include:

  • A one-stop fully equipped shop for accessory repair and overhaul dedicated to providing world-class Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Incorporation of accessory Service Bulletins
  • Overhaul
  • Minor and major repairs
  • Tests as received
  • Investigations
  • Engine overhaul accessory kit programs
  • Specialized detail repairs
  • Customized, pay-by-the-hour Accessories Management Program for peace-of-mind budgeting
  • An industry leading workmanship warranty in addition to a no-fault warranty
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Ease of administration

Our Overhaul Repair Capabilities include:

  • Mechanical controls
  • Fuel nozzles and manifolds
  • Oil valves and pumps
  • Electronic controls
  • Pneumatic valves and actuators
  • Prop governors
  • Wiring harnesses

Accessory Kit Program: the one-stop solution
One vendor, one shipment, one purchase order and one invoice for all your P&WC engine-mounted accessory requirements. That’s our Accessory Kit program, the one-stop shop approach to simpler, more cost-effective accessory maintenance management. It’s available only from P&WC, and it includes a guaranteed Turn Around Time (TAT) for all accessories requiring overhaul.


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Europe: 44-2070-265691
Pacific Rim: 65-662-21065

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