Reduce Your Operating Costs With New P&WC Overhaul Parts at the Price of Used

Take advantage of new P&WC parts for your overhaul while keeping your costs low. With the P&WCSMART™ Overhaul Parts Capped Cost Program, P&WC’s service network is offering you factory-new P&WC parts* – including major gas-path parts – at an attractive, capped price that is competitive with the price of used parts.

The age of parts has a direct impact on engine longevity and durability. Data shows engines with a larger mix of new parts will consistently reach higher times on wing as compared to engines that have more used parts. And with more time on wing comes greater aircraft availability – helping you reduce your operating costs.

*Under the program, a limited number of used replacement parts may be incorporated by the shop. Typically, used parts make up less than 15% of the total parts cost.

Contact our P&WCSMART Specialist                                          1-888-574-3254                                                   pwcsmart@pwc.ca

  • Category 1 through 6 Service Bulletins.
  • No extra charges for normal repairable FOD (providing FOD did not cause removal)
  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation, and non-genuine P&WC parts.
  • Engine OEM shop warranty

Engine Applicability & Pricing (in $USD)

Engine Models Aircraft Basic Engine Overhaul (turbomachine & RGB) Parts Capped Cost*
PW118 EMB 120 725,000
PW118A/B EMB120 740,000
PW120's/121's ATR-42 Q100 747,500
PW119's 328TP 850,000
PW124B ATR-72 850,000
PW125's FOKKER-50 845,000
PW126's BAE-ATP 845,000

Basic Turbomachine ONLY Overhaul parts CAP Credit - $75,000


*Accessories not included except for fuel nozzles, flow divider, speed and torque sensors, ITT thermocouples, and oil pumps.


Option to exchange LLP with new parts at additional cost when impellers have less than 10,000 cycles and discs and covers have less than 7,500 cycles, or less if sufficient to meet customer’s typical mission.

  • + $19,100USD per impeller
  • + $2,750USD interstage air seal
  • + $5,250USD per cover
  • + $11,000USD per HP/LP disc
  • + $11,275USD per PT disc
  • Enhanced engine reliability and durability with an increased ratio of new parts.
  • Extended time on wing leading to reduced operating costs.
  • Reduces uncertainty, capping the cost of overhaul parts.
  • Engine owners/operators must request this program immediately after detail inspection and prior to sending any parts out for repair. Some engines may be deemed beyond economical repair and incur additional charges.
  • Offer is available to PW100 engine owners/operators only.
  • The engine must have been operated in accordance with P&WC-approved documentation and authorities’ instructions for continued airworthiness and removed for scheduled reasons and not for a significant BUR.
  • Labor, accessories, shipping, packaging, bulk and non P&WC parts, test cell fees are quoted separately by your preferred P&WC designated service provider.
  • To be eligible for this program, engines with single HP vanes must be upgraded to triple vanes. The cost of triple vanes is $17,500USD per unit.

    • We are flexible. Contact us if your engine does not meet these conditions. For complete details contact your sales representative.

      This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. We may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of five (5) P&WC-powered aircraft.

      Get the P&WC quality you expect at the best price. That's the P&WCSMART way.

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