Predictable Hot Section Inspection And Repair Costs

Keeping costs low does not mean having to make concessions on quality, durability and reliability for hot section inspection maintenance. With the P&WCSMART hot section Parts Capped Cost Program, the P&WC service network is offering factory-new P&WC parts* – including major gas-path parts – at an attractive, capped price that is competitive with the price of buying used.

The age of parts has a direct impact on engine longevity and durability. A larger mix of new parts will considerably help keeping the engine longer on wing. With more time on wing comes greater availability – helping you to reduce operating costs.

*Under the program, a limited number of used replacement parts may be incorporated by the shop. Typically, used parts make up less than 15% of the total parts cost.

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  • Enhanced reliability and durability with an increased ratio of new parts.
  • Extended time on wing leading to reduced operating costs.
  • Reduces uncertainty by capping the cost of your P&WC HSI parts.
  • Includes Category 1 through 6 Service Bulletins.
  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation and non-genuine P&WC parts.
  • CAP cost options life-limited parts (LLP) and power turbine disc balancing assembly parts (PT Pack).
  • CAP cost option to repair the PT Pack only.
  • Older single High Pressure Vanes upgraded to triple vanes.

engine applicability & pricing (in $usd) 

2023 Pricing




Engine Models Basic HSI Parts Capped Cost  PT Pack Parts Capped Cost + $35,000 when purchased separately LLP Parts Capped Cost
PW118 390,500 113,000  229,000 
PW118A/B 411,000  113,000  229,000 
PW120/120A/121/121A 439,500 119,000  229,000 
PW119's 444,500  121,000  229,000 
PW123/123B/123C/123D/123E 488,500  121,000  229,000 
124B 452,000  121,000  229,000 
PW125B/126 450,000  121,000  229,000 
PW127/B/E/F 498,500 131,000  229,000

UPGRADE - Single HP vane engines to triple vanes + USD$25,000

UPGRADE or Exchange - POST SB21891 nozzles for PW127 + USD$27,000


  • Basic Hot Section gas path parts such as blades, vanes (except for single segment HP vanes), shroud segments and gaskets/ packings if P&WC supplied only*
  • Includes fuel nozzles (pre SB21891 for PW127), flow divider, main oil filter, thermocouples and ignitor plugs. Other accessories excluded.

* Excludes major housings (Gas gen case, Turbine support case), LLP, PT PACK, single segment HP vanes and other parts not normally associated with basic hot section inspection.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Offer is available to PW100 engine owners/operators only.
  • The engine must have been operated in accordance with P&WC-approved documentation and authorities’ instructions for continued airworthiness and removed for scheduled reasons and not for a significant BUR.
  • Labour, accessories, shipping and test cell fees are quoted separately by your preferred P&WC designated service provider.
  • Some conditions apply. Contact us for details.

We are flexible. Contact us if your engine does not meet these conditions or for more complete details.

This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. We may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of five (5) P&WC-powered aircraft.

Get the P&WC quality you expect at the best price. That's the P&WCSMART way.


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