More than an overhaul – for a fixed price
Take the opportunity to secure the price of your PT6A-64 engine overhaul until December 31, 2019. This exclusive engine-OEM solution was created to help operators manage their expenses for upcoming scheduled overhauls. It’s also designed to improve engine reliability and durability by replacing specific parts with new P&WC genuine parts.

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  • All parts and labour required to overhaul the engine
  • Lifecycle parts replaced for reasons other than cycle limitations
  • Category 1-6 Service Bulletins
  • Accessories overhaul
  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation or erosion
  • No extra charges for foreign object damage (FOD) provided it did not cause an unscheduled removal
  • No extra charges for replacement of non-P&WC parts with genuine P&WC parts
  • Mandatory replacement of the following parts with new: 
  •            - Compressor turbine blades
               - Power turbine blades – second stage
               - Replacement of the compressor inlet case assembly made from magnesium with one made from aluminum alloy, if                                applicable (as per SB14528)
Engine Applicability & Pricing (in $USD)

Applicable Engine Models                                                                

Premium Flat Rate Overhaul Price                                                           



  • The engine must be removed in serviceable condition.
  • The operator must request the Premium Flat Rate Overhaul Program either before or at the time of the engine inspection/cost estimate.
  • Operators of engines exceeding the published time between overhauls (3,000/3,500) have until December 31, 2019, to overhaul their engines under the Premium Flat Rate Overhaul Program. After which, these engines will no longer be eligible.
  • The program is available only through P&WC’s global service centre network and participating Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOFs).

We are flexible. Contact us if your engine does not meet these conditions or for more complete details.

This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time.

Get the P&WC quality you expect at the best price. That's the P&WCSMART way.

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