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With the Overhaul Parts Capped Cost Program, you get a predictable and attractive capped price for all replaced parts. Since the enhanced ratio of new parts will increase your PT6A-65B & PT6A-67D engine’s reliability, durability and time on wing, you also benefit from reduced operating costs in the long term.

Contact our P&WCSMART Specialist for complete details
  • Capped cost for full engine overhaul parts, including new, used and exchange parts (includes main oil filter, thermocouples and igniter plugs but not accessories)
  • Capped cost for replacement of life-limited parts (LLP) providing 6,000 cycles remaining as a minimum
  • Category 1-6 Service Bulletins
  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation or erosion
  • No extra charges for foreign object damage (FOD) provided it did not cause an unscheduled removal
  • No extra charges for replacement of non-P&W parts with genuine P&W parts


2023 Pricing

Applicable Engine Model Basic Overhaul Parts Capped Cost LLP Capped Cost
PT6A-65B/AR Engine 405,000 95,000
PT6A-65B/AR Gas Generator 250,000 70,000
PT6A-65B/AR Power Section 195,000 40,000
PT6A-67D Engine 420,000 95,000
PT6A-67D Gas Generator 260,000 70,000
PT6A-67D Power Section 200,000 40,000



Compressor hub/rotor
 Compressor disc – Stage 1 15,000
 Compressor disc – Stage 2 10,000
 Compressor disc – Stage 3 10,000
 Compressor disc – Stage 4 15,000 
 Compressor spacer – Stage 4 15,000 
 Impeller 20,000 
 Compressor turbine disc 20,000 
Power turbine disc – Stage 1 25,000 
 Power turbine disc – Stage 2 25,000 


Need more cycles? Simply increase the LLP capped cost by:

  • $15,000 for LLP replacement providing a minimum of 10,000 cycles remaining
  • $25,000 for LLP replacement providing a minimum of 12,000 cycles remaining
  • $40,000 for LLP replacement providing a minimum of 14,000 cycles remaining
  • $60,000 for all-new LLP
  • The engine must have been operated in accordance with P&W-approved documentation and the relevant authorities’ instructions for continued airworthiness.
  • The engine must have been removed for scheduled reasons and not for a significant Basic Unscheduled Removal (BUR).
  • The engine must have been operated according to its type certificate, on a civil registered aircraft, and maintained by a civilly registered entity, otherwise a military premium will apply. 

We are flexible. Contact us if your engine does not meet these conditions or for more complete details.

This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. We may extend the eligibility period of P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of five (5) P&WC-powered aircraft.

Contact our P&WCSMART Specialist for complete details

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