Maintenance Programs

Fleet MANAGEMENT Programs

Our tailored Fleet Management™ Programs (FMP™) are flexible, high value maintenance planning solutions that help lock in lower operating costs and simplifie fleet operations management. 

Fleet Management™ Program

Tailored to suit the unique requirements of fleet operators and airlines, our FMPs allow you to focus on your core business and eliminate the overhead and logistical challenges of operating a maintenance facility. 

When you are covered by our Fleet Management™ Program an expert engine-OEM team is appointed to support your specific maintenance operations needs.

Customized to your unique fleet environment, our FMPs can include:

Basic Engine Coverage

  • Engine major refurbishment/overhaul

  • Hot Section Inspection

  • Basic unscheduled engine removals

  • Engine diagnostics/ECTM® analysis 

Additional Services Available

  • Fuel nozzle refurbishments

  • Rental Engine support

  • Accessory BUR (repair or exchange)

  • Life limited parts replacement


This customized, "pay-by-the-hour" support plan includes:

  • Maintenance cost stability and protection

  • Selection of the plan coverage period

  • Selection from a menu of services

  • Guaranteed cost through pay-by-the-hour

  • Self-invoicing at month-end

  • $ Power Charge = Fleet's monthly Engine Flight Hour (EFH) x $ EFH rate

  • Warranty/campaign advantages passed on through the Terms Cost Plan rate.

Customers pay a guaranteed hourly fee, ($/EFH) on a monthly basis that is tailored to their requirements.

The Terms Cost Plan rate is based on:

  • Operating environment

  • Mission profile

  • Maintenance program, such as Time Between Overhaul (TBO) and Hot Section Inspection (HSI) intervals

  • Engine model

  • Number of engines/spares

  • Times and cycles accumulated on engines

  •  Selected support services

  • Maintenance and logistic activities covered by the agreed scope

  • Length of plan


This is a pay-at-the-event Fleet Management™ Program maintenance plan that allows you to pay an amount equal to a predetermined hourly rate at each maintenance visit for the coverage selected:

Event Cost Plan™ (ECP®) highlights:

  • Rates reflects total costs over overhaul cycle(s)

  • Reserves are held per engine

  • Flexible entry and exit positions – suitable for dynamic/changing fleets

  • Provisions for future maintenance requirements

  • Engine operating hours are calculated starting from the engine operating hours since new or last event of the engine.

  • Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) payable at the time of event as an over and above

  • Some optional coverage payable monthly


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