Maintenance Programs

Eagle Service™ plan (eSP™) 

Corporate and General Aviation

ESP™ is a simple, cost-effective pay-per-hour maintenance plan that guarantees long-term engine maintenance costs and ensures a planned and preventative approach to maintenance. Simply pay an hourly fee based on the number of hours flown each month and you’re covered.


  • A predictable and planned maintenance environment
  • No required minimum annual utilization
  • No upfront management fee required
  • Enhanced aircraft resale value and peace of mind
  • No "surprise" pro-rata charges at the event
  • Accurate budgeting, forecasting, and smooth cash flow
  • Long-term engine maintenance cost protection
  • Backed by our worldwide service network and seven parts distributions centers


Your time is precious and we want you to take off on time, every time. That’s why we’re now including three new services in ESP. Depending on engine model and plan, ESP customers will now receive oil analysis, global engine connectivity and flyaway kits with rollout through 2020.
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Delivering you the best long-term value and peace of mind is our top priority. That’s why, when you enroll a new PT6A engine in ESP™, we will give you up to the first 400 hours at no charge – a value of up to $70,000 USD per engine towards covered maintenance.
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ESP™ platinum upgrade for PW206 and PW207

Based on customer feedback and the need for more all-inclusive coverage, the Platinum plan includes all the benefits of Gold, plus the addition of:

  • Coverage of parts and labour for routine periodic inspections (including fuel nozzle exchanges)
  • Environmental repairs during overhauls
  • Technical publications subscription

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ESP™ offers a variety of coverage levels on different engine models designed to suit different operator needs. The coverage for each plan is listed below:

Coverage³ Silver Lite Silver Gold Lite Gold  Platinum
Overhaul/ refurbishment, scheduled or basic x x x x  x
Engine repair, basic unscheduled (BUER) x x x x  x
Hot Section Inspection (HSI), scheduled or basic x x x x  x
Service Bulletins, required² x x x x  x
Engine shop labour x x x x  x
Troubleshooting labour¹
(Silver plans up to 10 hours; Gold plans, as required)
x x x x  x
Engine parts, excluding Life Limited Parts² x x x x  x
Engine accessories, P&WC supplied (overhaul, BUER) x x x x  x
Rental/lease engine coverage (overhaul, BUER) x x x x  x
Engine Condition Trend Monitoring Analysis x x x x  x
Life Limited Parts² (e.g. disks, impeller, etc.) x x  x
Line removal/installation/access labour, for core engine and rental engine, and accessories¹ x x  x
Freight for engine, engine parts, accessories (surface, unless AOG, excluding insurance) x x  x
Mobile Repair Team for unscheduled AOG² x x
 Environmental damage repair2          x
 Scheduled line maintenance (parts and labour)          x
 Line maintenance flyaway kit(3)          x
 Low utilization inspection          x
 Technical publications subscription          x

1 Currently available on PW307A/D, PW308C, and PW206/7 series engines
2 Specific coverage depends on engine family
3 For PW300 series engines

Specifically designed for operators of in-service engines, the FLEX enrollment option is available in conjunction with each of ESP™ coverage level.


  • Avoid large lump sum buy-in amount at enrollment
  • Enjoy ESP™ benefits upon enrollment
  • Pay for the FLEX deferred hours at a convenient time in the future, including up to the scheduled engine overhaul event, at the then-current ESP™ hourly rate
  • Predict future engine maintenance costs without pro-rata charges, virtually eliminating high cost surprises

The ESP™ Program FLEX enrollment option is available immediately.

  • Immediate coverage provided for basic unscheduled removals, hot section inspection (HSI) and overhaul upon enrollment, all without variable or unpredictable pro-rata charges
  • Credit provided for scheduled HSI accomplished prior to enrollment
  • ESP™ coverage is renewable, and fully transferable to subsequent owners upon payment of FLEX deferred hours
  • Engines are serviced by the worldwide P&WC Service Centre Network
  • Fully backed by the manufacturer, with over 90 years of experience in the industry

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