King of the light-twin helicopters.
500 to 700 shaft horsepower class
Powering the majority of the world’s light-twin helicopters. The proven benchmark in its class for rugged dependability and excellent operating economics.


Versatility on a wide variety of applications

Ranging in power from 500 shp to over 700 shp, PW200 engines have been produced in 14 models and their versatility has been demonstrated on a wide variety of applications. PW200 engines power aircraft in service with 838 operators in 82 countries. 

About the PW200

More than 4,500 PW200 engines have been produced since the family entered service in the 1990s, accumulating more than 8.5 million flying hours in emergency medical service, utility, law enforcement, business and other operations.

Global Customer Support

Operators of PW200 series engines are supported by Pratt & Whitney's industry-leading global customer support. This includes over 30 Pratt & Whitney-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support representatives on all major continents, two 24/7 Customer First Centres for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities for this market and the largest pool of Pratt & Whitney rental and exchange engines in the industry. 

The PW200 engines incorporate the latest technologies to exceed our customers' expectations



Power Class*
(Shaft Horsepower)

Power Class*
(Shaft Horsepower)

Output Shaft



PW206 Series 640 430 to 560 5,900 22 36 to 41
PW207 Series 730 570 to 650 6,000 to 6,240 22 36 to 40
* Powers are approximate values at take-off. Available at sea level, standard day, static conditions, uninstalled.
** Dimensions are approximate values.

Applications (7)

  • PW206B2

    Airbus helicopters H135
  • PW206C

    Leonardo A109E Power
  • PW207C

    Leonardo A109 Grand
    Leonardo AW109 Nexus
  • PW207D

    Bell 427
  • PW207D1

    Bell 429
  • PW207E

    MD Explorer 900/902
  • PW207K


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