A legend in the world of helicopters.
1,800 to 2,000 shaft horsepower class
The renowned Twin-Pac® has been the workhorse of medium class helicopters for four decades and is still going strong. The standard in its class for rugged dependability and excellent operating economics.


Lasting dependability

Our customers associate the Twin-Pac® with lasting dependability since its service entry in the 1970s. PT6T engines continue to enjoy strong sales today based on the excellent reputation and performance of the Agusta and Bell 212 and 412 helicopters and the PT6T's unparalleled record of dependability, together with a steady influx of advanced, value-based technologies.

Versatility on a wide variety of applications

The 1,800 to 2,000 shaft horsepower class, twin-power section PT6T has been produced in 11 models and its versatility has been demonstrated on a wide variety of applications for 360 operators in 73 countries. More than 7,400 PT6T engines delivered to power helicopters in service, accumulating more than 46.4 million flying hours in such applications as oil exploration, emergency medical service, maritime patrol and utility operations.

Tailor-made services and global customer support

Protect the value of your asset, plan your budget and minimize unscheduled maintenance with our Maintenance Programs: Our ESP™ for single aircraft, our FSP for growing fleets of 2-5 helicopters, and our FMP for fleets of six or more aircraft. Know your engine from the inside out, with our oil analysis technology, now included as part of Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP™) coverage. You may also purchase it separately through the MyP&WC Power portal.

You can keep your helicopter in the air with our SMART program. Our two-year, 500-hour Certified Pre-Owned program benefits buyers and sellers of used helicopters.

Operators of PT6T engines are supported by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s industry-leading global customer support. The network includes over 50 Pratt & Whitney-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support managers (FSMs) on all major continents, 24/7 technical and logistic support through our CFirst customer response centres, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities and the largest pool of Pratt & Whitney Canada rental and exchange engines in the industry.

Features of the PT6T engine family continue to expand



Power Class*
(Shaft Horsepower)

Power Class*
(Shaft Horsepower)

Output Shaft




PT6T-9 Series 2,243 1,855 6,000 32.5 43.5 66
PT6T-6 Series 1,970 1,875 6,600 32.5 43.5 66
PT6T-3 Series 1,800 to 1,920 1,800 to 1,875 6,000 32.5 43.5 66
* Powers are approximate values at take-off. Available at sea level, standard day, static conditions, uninstalled.
** Dimensions are approximate values.
*** Equivalent Shaft Horsepower: includes estimated equivalent contribution of exhaust thrust.

Applications (10)

  • PT6T-3

    Leonardo Helicopters AB212
    Sikorksy S-58T
  • PT6T-3B

    Bell Model 212
    Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
    Leonardo Helicopters AB412
  • PT6T-3BE

    Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
    Leonardo Helicopters AB412
  • PT6T-3BF

    Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
  • PT6T-3BG

    Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
  • PT6T-3D

    Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
    Bell CFUTTH CH-146 Griffon
    Leonardo Helicopters AB412
  • PT6T-3DF

    Bell Model 412/SP/HP/EP
    Leonardo Helicopters AB412
  • PT6T-3G

    Leonardo Helicopters AB412
  • PT6T-6

    Leonardo Helicopters AB212
    Leonardo Helicopters AB412
    Sikorsky S-58T
  • PT6T-9

    Bell Model 412 EPI

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