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900 to 3,000 pound thrust class
At the heart of an exciting range of very light jets. The PW600 engine is compact, fuel efficient and clean with excellent operating economics.

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For the very light and light jet range

Specially designed for point-to-point travel in the very light and light jet range, this innovative engine family offers outstanding performance together with Pratt & Whitney's trademark dependability.

Easy and fast to maintain

Compact and lightweight, the PW600 is built with half the parts of a conventional turbofan, also making it easy and fast to maintain. Capable of delivering from 900 up to 3,000 pounds of take-off thrust, the PW600 family incorporates the latest technologies to deliver highly fuel efficient power with low carbon emissions. It also comes equipped with dual-channel full-authority digital engine control (FADEC), which translates into reduced pilot workload and engine monitoring with longer time on wing.

Global customer support

Operators of PW600 engines are supported by Pratt & Whitney's industry-leading global customer support. This includes over 30 Pratt & Whitney-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support representatives on all major continents, a 24/7 Customer First Centre for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities for this market and the largest pool of Pratt & Whitney rental and exchange engines in the industry.

Three PW600 models have been produced with a power range of 900 to 3,000 pounds thrust



    Thrust Class*

Thrust Class*



PW617F Series 2,050 1,780 17.6 49.5
PW615F Series 1,695 1,460 16 49.5
PW610F Series 1,200 950 14 46

* Thrusts are approximate values at take-off. Available at sea level, standard day, static conditions, uninstalled.
** Dimensions are approximate values.

Applications (3)

  • PW610F-A

    Eclipse 500
  • PW615F-A

    Cessna Mustang
  • PW617F-E

    Embraer Phenom 100

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