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P&WCSMART™ cost-effective exchange solutions for PW615F-A turbofan engines

Lower costs and eliminate surprises with our flat-rate engine exchange program for Cessna Mustang jets.
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P&WCSMART™ programs deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions, including genuine Pratt & Whitney parts and service.

Our flat-rate "zero time since overhaul" engine exchange for PW615F-A engines powering Cessna Mustang jets offers an affordable alternative to overhauling your engine that lets you skip the engine rental, a removal and installation and shop wait times.

What makes P&WCSMART™ programs so unique?

In addition to competitive pricing and cost guarantees, P&WCSMART™ programs typically include:

  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation, or replacement of non-genuine P&W parts.
  • No extra charges for foreign object damage (FOD) provided it did not cause an unscheduled removal.
  • Labour, new parts, used parts, parts exchanges, sub-contracted charges, bulk, test and packaging.
  • P&WC shop warranty.

For more details about our P&WCSMART™ exchange solution and pricing, see below.

  • P&WCSMART™ Flat Rate "Zero Time Since Overhaul" Exchange Program for PW615F-A Engines

     A cost-effective alternative to overhauling your PW615F-A engines powering Cessna Mustang jets

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    Looking for a cost-effective alternative to overhauling your PW615F-A engines?  Look no further than the P&WCSMART™ Flat Rate Exchange program for PW615F-A engines.

    Skip the engine rental, a removal and installation as well as shop wait times and we’ll provide you with a freshly overhauled (zero-time-since-overhaul/0-TSO) engine of the same model in exchange for your existing engine at a guaranteed price.

    How you benefit:

    • Simplified engine maintenance and the enhanced asset value that comes with a freshly overhauled engine.
    • Increased aircraft availability and reduced downtime with no rental needed – only one removal and installation, rapid turnaround time in the shop – you simply exchange, install and fly
    • Fixed price, a standard workscope, and no surprises.

    Included in this offer:

    • New high pressure (HP) turbine disk and all other life-limited parts (LLPs) with 5,250 cycles.
    • Category 1-6 Service Bulletins.
    • No extra charges for typical corrosion or sulphidation.
    • P&W standard shop warranty.


    • The exchange engine core unit must be a normal time-expired core operated in accordance with P&WC-approved documentation and removed for scheduled reasons. In addition, it must have been operated according to its type certificate, on a civil registered aircraft, and maintained by a civilly registered entity.
    • Unit must be complete with all accessories and logbooks from birth.

    2022 pricing:

    • US$565,000 per engine exchange.

    Your P&WCSMART™ 0-TSO engine will offer a guaranteed engine exchange price with no surprises and you will fly away with the dependability and quality of genuine Pratt & Whitney parts and maintenance.

    Contact your Pratt & Whitney specialist for more detailed pricing information. Special rates apply for ESP™ and Cessna PowerAdvantage customers.

    Why choose the P&WCSMART™ 0-TSO Engine Exchange for PW615F-A engines?


    "Time & Materials" Overhaul Engine Exchange
    Two removals and installations (R&I) One removal and installation (R&I)
    Engine rental to keep aircraft flying No rental, simply exchange, install and fly
    Engine shipping and time in shop

    Exchange readily available

    Case-by-case overhaul workscope Standard workscope
    Case-by-case pricing Standard fixed price


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Pratt & Whitney reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. Offers are based on engine availability.