We’re raising the standards with lower operating costs, unmatched coverage* and leading-edge data insights for greater availability, at an unbeatable price – all backed by one of the world’s largest service networks.

ESP™ Platinum has no annual minimums and is transferable at the aircraft sale.

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Why choose ESP™ Platinum for the PT6E-67XP Engine Powering the Pilatus PC-12 NGX Aircraft?

ESP™ is a pay-per-hour maintenance program that guarantees long-term engine maintenance costs through a planned and preventative approach to maximize your flying time. It helps enhance aircraft value by ensuring your engines are maintained to the highest standard.

ESP™ Platinum for the PT6E-67XP Engine Covers:

  • Major scheduled engine maintenance
  • Foreign object damage (FOD)
  • Environment-induced damage
  • Unscheduled engine & accessory maintenance
  • Required engine & accessory upgrades
  • Proactive maintenance intervention and planning through the Proactive Help Desk analytics team
  • …and much more.

ESP™ Platinum Delivers:

  • A long-term cost guarantee
  • Enhanced aircraft resale value
  • Transferability at aircraft sale
  • Increased aircraft availability
  • No annual minimums
  • What's included

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    Comprehensive Coverage

    • Foreign object damage (FOD) repair
    • Engine overhaul, scheduled
    • Hot section inspection (HSI) as required
    • Life limited parts (LLPs/LCF parts)
    • Service bulletins
    • Engine shop labour
    • Engine repair, basic unscheduled (BUER)
    • Engine accessories, P&W supplied
    • Environmentally induced damage at shop visit

    Proactive Services for Full Peace of Mind

    Through our state-of-the art Proactive Help Desk Services, our predictive analytics team will review your engine data and provide you with proactive maintenance support and a plan should anything arise. 

    • Predictive and preventative engine insights and proactive intervention to keep you flying  
    • Oil analysis technology for additional on-wing intelligence without intrusive inspection
    • Engine condition trend monitoring (ECTM) analysis
    • Advanced algorithms and analytics

    Maximum Availability

    • Mobile repair team (MRT) for AOG
    • Rental engine during shop visit


    • Routine periodic inspection: parts and labour
    • Engine washes: four annually
    • Fuel nozzle refurbishment
    • Line removal, installation and access labour
    • Freight for engine, engine parts and accessories
    • Technical publications annual renewal
    • Troubleshooting labour

     *Compared to ESP™ Gold for PT6A-powered PC-12 NG aircraft.

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*Compared to ESP™ Gold for PT6A-powered PC-12 NG aircraft.