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Please complete the Donation and Sponsorship Request Application and send it to We evaluate donations and sponsorships requests on a regular basis.

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PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA - ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM By submitting your contribution request application (“Request”) to Pratt & Whitney Canada (“P&WC”) and accepting funds from P&WC, you (“Recipient Organization”) hereby: Acknowledge and unconditionally agree to: o Diligently undertake the philanthropic works described in the Request; o Use the funds from P&WC solely in furtherance of the philanthropic works described in the Request; o Comply at all times with applicable law, including laws prohibiting conflicts of interests and corruption in the private or public sectors; o Refrain (directly or indirectly) at all times from offering, promising, attempting to provide, or providing any Corrupt Payment; o Obtain P&WC’s prior written consent before: (1) subcontracting the philanthropic works described in the Request; or (2) issuing any press release or public statement regarding the Request or using P&WC’s trademark or trade name; and Represent: o No P&WC employee, P&WC customer, government, or government official holds an ownership, financial, or other interest in Recipient Organization or otherwise stands to personally benefit from Recipient Organization’s relationship with P&WC or the funds from P&WC; o Funds disbursed by P&WC in furtherance of the Request have been used by Recipient Organization solely to undertake the philanthropic works described in the Request and for legitimate and lawful business purposes; o Recipient Organization has not offered, promised, made, or attempted to make any Corrupt Payment.