New Technologies

Reducing the environmental impact of our products is essential to our continued success. 

We are leveraging new technologies, championing innovation and working closely with the industry to achieve specific goals. 

In product development, our Ecodesign program includes considerations that extend beyond fuel consumption to include raw material acquisition, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, and material stewardship at the end of useful life.

We are investing significant resources into reducing the amount of noise produced by our engines. We design next-generation engines that provide a benchmark passenger experience, with low-noise design and low vibration levels, ensuring an exceptionally quiet cabin.

We are working with airframe manufacturers and  operators to identify and encourage fuel efficiencies in their daily operations. We are also developing new innovative technologies and in-service retrofits to optimize performance during engine operations, leading to lower environmental impacts and operating costs.

We are also a leader in developing low emission technologies. Our revolutionary TALON (Technology for Advanced LOw NOx) combustion technology reduces airport emissions to improve local air quality while delivering outstanding performance, durability and operating economics.

We support the development of sustainable alternative jet fuels as a means to reduce our indirect emissions from in-service engines and direct emissions from engine testing. All of our engines are compatible with drop-in alternative jet fuels produced in accordance with ASTM D7566.