In the 1990’s, we introduced the Green Engine Program to focus our Design for Sustainability efforts, with the goal to minimize the use of Materials of Concern (MOC) in our engine designs, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, repair and overhaul. Since then, we have developed and maintained an MOC list to identify materials to be prohibited or restricted from use in our products and operations.

Today, we continue to take a leadership role in reducing the use of MOC by developing and investing in various green technologies that reduce waste, eliminate harmful chemicals from our products and our manufacturing facilities including our supplier’s facilities.

In fact, we have a dedicated team focused on eliminating the use of MOC as well as ensuring compliance to Chemical Regulations worldwide such as the European REACH Regulation.


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a regulation of the European Union and is managed by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). REACH was adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from risks posed by chemical substances. To date, it is the strictest law regulating chemical substances affecting industries across the world. Chemicals controlled by REACH can range from those used in aerospace and industrial processes to commonplace cleaning products and paints—even articles of clothing, furniture and electrical appliances can be subjected to REACH.

Safe Use Communication

Article 33 in the REACH regulation requires that safe use information be communicated for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) when an article contains SVHCs in a concentration above 0.1 percent weight by weight (w/w). Find herewith relevant safe use document for SVHC that may be declared on our products. 
 CAS# Substance Name Document
 142844-00-6  Aluminosilicate refractory ceramic fibers PDF
 7440-43-9  Cadmium PDF
 7738-94-5  Chromic acid PDF
 1333-82-0  Chromium trioxide PDF
 13530-68-2  Dichromic acid PDF
 24613-89-6  Dichromium tris (chromate) PDF
 7439-92-1  Lead PDF
 1317-36-8  Lead monoxide PDF
 12626-81-2  Lead titanium zirconium oxide PDF
 10588-01-9 / 7789-12-0   Sodium dichromate PDF
 7789-06-2  Strontium chromate PDF
 12141-20-7  Trilead dioxide phosphonate  PDF

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