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Diagnosing and Resolving Engine Issues with SpotLight

May 25, 2020 | Diagnostics, Maintenance, Mechanics | 3 min read
A user-friendly software tool for engine troubleshooting, SpotLight® helps operators isolate the cause of an engine issue and determine next steps. Discover three key benefits of this customer support solution.
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Whenever there’s an issue with an engine, the engine maintenance manual (EMM) – or where applicable, the aircraft maintenance manual (AMM) – is the definitive source of explanation and recommended course of action. SpotLight® is a software tool that enhances and accompanies the EMM to enable troubleshoot and support qualified maintenance providers in resolving an issue.

This interactive online system optimized for tablets and PCs helps engine technicians resolve issues through a step-by-step guided diagnosis. It is backed by a knowledge base of data from fault-isolation charts and technical intelligence acquired through years of service in the field.

The system can help you more easily collaborate with others when troubleshooting an issue by connecting you with your other locations, if applicable, or to Pratt & Whitney’s CFirst Centre when needed. SpotLight keeps a history of the troubleshooting process and recommended solution, allowing you to refer back to it later or to share situations and solutions across your organization.

It is available via the MyP&WC Power customer portal with a Pratt & Whitney technical publications subscription for PW100, PW200, PW210A, PW300 and PW800 engine families. It is also now available for the PT6 E-Series™ engine.

This user-friendly interactive solution optimizes the troubleshooting process in the event an issue does occur, explains Sajjad Majidizadeh, Commercial Account Manager, Digital Partnerships.

This automated tool is an excellent starting point for troubleshooting. It has information on almost all engine issues that operators may encounter. It will either guide you on steps to address the issue or provide insights that will facilitate receiving support from Pratt & Whitney or a maintenance shop.
Sajjad Majidizadeh, Commercial Account Manager, Digital Partnerships


SpotLight combines a searchable database with diagnostic reasoning software. The database contains the contents of engine maintenance manuals and associated publications like service bulletins.
This solution collects all the troubleshooting information you need in one place. It will help you to understand what’s really happening with your engine.
Sajjad Majidizadeh, Commercial Account Manager, Digital Partnerships

The user simply needs to input a description of the issue in the software, such as a fault code, then answer the questions asked on screen.

This will narrow down the possibilities and, in most cases, result in SpotLight diagnosing the likely root cause along with the recommended remedial action, such as doing a borescope inspection.

What’s more, as users consult SpotLight over time, their experiences are incorporated into the system. In this way, the solution continues to “learn” and improve from a troubleshooting and guidance perspective.


SpotLight really shines in exceptional circumstances, such as during travel restrictions that prevent mobile repair teams from going to the customer as is normally the case, Sajjad notes.
Let’s say you have an aircraft-on-ground situation with a fault code displaying. You’re in a remote location and our technical support staff cannot reach you physically. SpotLight can be very helpful, since you can use it to figure out what’s happening on your own and whether you can fix it by yourself.
Sajjad Majidizadeh, Commercial Account Manager, Digital Partnerships

Given how fast and comprehensive it is, SpotLight is useful for anyone who wants to know more about a technical issue or fault, he adds. It’s therefore not just customers who use it but also maintenance shop personnel and Pratt & Whitney’s own customer support representatives.

Pratt & Whitney offers customers personalized support through a variety of other channels. Our article How to Get Support and Information from Your Engine Experts has all the details.