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Why 90% of Gulfstream G500/G600 operators enroll in ESP

August 20, 2019 | Maintenance, Cost Management, Turbofans | 4 min read
Over 90% of individual Gulfstream G500/G600 business jet customers have signed up for our ESP™ PW800 maintenance plan. Here’s why the program is a must-have for these operators.


The fundamental appeal of the Eagle Service Plan™ (ESP™) PW800 program is simple, explains Tania Petrov, Customer Account Manager: “It’s the most comprehensive maintenance program of its kind in the industry.”

The PW800 program is an evolution of our Platinum ESP engine maintenance plan, the highest level of coverage previously available. This premium plan, currently offered for Gulfstream G500 and G600 jets, offers seamless protection.

It covers everything from aircraft-on-ground support and scheduled maintenance to digital engine services for trending and advanced engine health management, along with technical publications, service bulletins, airworthiness directives, training, mobile repair team support, rental engines and more.
When it comes to scheduled maintenance, the customer doesn’t have to think about anything. We take care of everything—all parts and line labour are covered as part of the ESP PW800 plan.
Tania Petrov, Customer Account Manager
For unscheduled maintenance, the program also offers peace of mind through features such as remote maintenance kits. Similar to our Flyaway Kits for some other engine models, these convenient, portable kits make it easy for customers to bring key tools and parts with them wherever they fly.


Leveraging what we learned from the ESP Platinum program along with feedback from customers, ESP PW800 takes our engine maintenance plans to the next level, tailoring the benefits to meet the particular needs of Gulfstream G500/G600 business jet operators.

For instance, while PW800 engines are highly resistant to corrosion, we added this to the coverage based on feedback by customers who fly in coastal areas who wanted this additional peace of mind.

Our discussions with customers also highlighted their interest in having ESP plans include training. In response to this, ESP PW800 includes a seat in a five-day maintenance training session available once every three years.
The ESP PW800 training covers line maintenance for the customer’s engines and the seat is transferable, so if the customer has someone who does their maintenance for them, like a fixed-base operator, they can have them take the training course instead.
Tania Petrov, Customer Account Manager


There are no minimum monthly or annual utilization requirements with ESP PW800. It’s a strictly pay-per-hour plan.

“If you fly 30 hours a year, you only pay for those 30 hours. Nor are there any management fees, so it helps to keep operating costs down,” remarks Tania.

If a customer’s flight department prefers a fixed monthly amount rather than actuals for budget planning purposes, that option is available too. At the end of the year, a reconciliation will be done to adjust for the difference between the projected and actual number of hours.

It’s also well-known within the industry that maintenance plans like ESP increase the residual value of an aircraft. If two identical aircraft are on the market, one with an engine plan will sell for a higher amount than one that does not. And if a customer does sell their jet, the benefits of ESP PW800 are fully transferable to the new owner.


Each Gulfstream G500 and G600 customer on the plan has a regional-based customer account manager assigned to them, who provides proactive, personalized service, including several visits each year and assistance with billing and invoicing, among other support.

This manager works with data analysis teams and engineers who monitor full-flight data delivered after each flight by the aircraft’s on-board engine health monitoring systems.

Armed with this information and insights from advanced analytics, the manager can deliver proactive customer care such as making preventive maintenance recommendations, saving the customer the need to access the online portal and check the results themselves.
If there’s a common thread running through all the different benefits of the ESP PW800 plan, it’s about simplicity for the customer – creating seamless operating environment and preventing disruptions to their business. Everything is designed to make their life easier, to keep their engine running smoothly and avoid aircraft-on-ground situations.
Tania Petrov, Customer Account Manager
The ESP program continues to evolve over time. Check out Three New ESP™ Services That Help Operators Maximize Availability for some recent additions to our coverage.