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Resilient, Mission-Ready Network Offers Support

June 28, 2021 | Maintenance, Overhauls, Customers | 3 min read
Pratt & Whitney Canada invests time and money in bringing its engines to market. It invests even more to keep them flying with optimal performance through its Global Service Network.

Dependable engines need dependable support

Pratt & Whitney Canada’s extensive Global Service Network includes over 2,000 professionals, 50 owned and designated facilities, and a small army of Mobile Repair Technicians (MRTs) at locations around the world. All of them share a common goal: ensuring the dispatch availability of our engines throughout their lifespan, which measures decades rather than years.

The Global Service Network’s performance numbers reflect its commitment to fast, effective service. In 2019, it serviced some 10,900 engines and supported about 2,500 customers. The facilities consistently score well in satisfaction surveys, with turnaround times for engine overhauls that are among the best in the industry, said Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam, vice president of customer service.

The combination of our people and services and solutions makes this the largest and best care network for Pratt & Whitney Canada engines anywhere on the planet.
Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam, vice president, customer service
When operators cannot come to a network facility, the network goes to them instead through the MRTs, who dispatch promptly to provide support in the field whenever and wherever they are needed. 

A diversified selection of facilities and services

The network’s facilities, whether owned or designated by Pratt & Whitney Canada, provide line maintenance, repairs, overhauls and more. Each has the trained staff, technical capabilities, systems and equipment needed to service the engine or auxiliary power unit models that it supports.
The mix of owned and designated facilities has been effective in ensuring a competitive landscape for our customers, allowing them to benefit from OEM quality standards while maintaining the power of choice between competing bids.
Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam, vice president, customer service

The network’s resilience and flexibility also enable it to continue delivering high-quality services in exceptional circumstances. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees around the world have succeeded in maintaining service levels while adhering to stringent new safety and health protocols.

For instance, when borders were closed in the early months of the pandemic and some customers were unable to reach facilities in other countries, the network instead provided support remotely using specialized tools such as Onsight, which enabled Pratt & Whitney’s experts to help customer technicians resolve issues even when they couldn’t examine engines in person.

Expanding the network’s reach and capabilities

In the past several years, Pratt & Whitney Canada has expanded the scope of services the network provides, including the launch of the P&WCSMART portfolio, and grown its scale by dramatically increasing the number of facilities.

The expanded service footprint has been largely driven by the introduction of Designated Maintenance Facilities (DMFs).

The presence of DMFs enables us to provide faster service response times in many key regions and offer customers a one-stop shop for OEM-approved services on their home turf. Since 2017, we have appointed 17 DMFs, from Asia to Europe to South America, with more to come.
Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam, vice president, customer service

In early 2020, the latest Pratt & Whitney overhaul facility opened in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a country where the business has a 75-year presence and a fleet of 3,400 engines in service. It is collaborating with local company IAS (Indústria de Aviação e Serviços SA) to serve PT6A and PW200 engine operators, with plans to expand to PT6C and PW210 engines in the future.

The Belo Horizonte facility eliminates trans-border shipping times and logistical challenges for in-country operators, greatly reducing turnaround time and trimming overhaul costs by 20% to 25%. PT6A operators also have the option of using our Brazil-based satellite Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOFs), Covington Aircraft and Dallas Airmotive.

You can search for a facility in the Global Service Network near you here. For more details on the benefits of our DMFs, read a previous Airtime article, How P&W’s DMF Network Has Enhanced Its Value to Customers.