Warranty Information & Claiming

The P&WC Customer Portal provides you valuable Warranty information and claiming tools to facilitate the process of generating a Warranty and/or ESP® claim.

With the P&WC Customer Portal, you will find information on coverage inquiries, Customer Support Program Notifications and instructions on how to make a claim. You will also find claiming tools related to your business type. We have provided the following warranty claim options:

  1. Warranty Portal System (WPS) Application - Exclusively for P&WC Designated Overhaul Facilities and P&WC Service Centers, the WPS enables you to make a claim, create an Unplanned Removal notification, as well as verify your claim status and Unplanned Removal status. The WPS is available through the P&WC Customer Portal.

  2. eClaim - Exclusively for Line Maintenance Service Providers and Operators, eClaim allows you to generate a claim on-line and check the status of your claim. The eClaim is available at www.pwc.ca/eclaim or through the P&WC Customer Portal.