Modular Fleet Enhancement Program

Modular Fleet Enhancement Program

A new approach to maintaining your engine


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With our Modular Fleet Enhancement Program (FEP), the turbomachinery (TM) and reduction gearbox (RGB) modules are sold separately and at a discounted price. It is P&WC’s response to operators who often require only one module to be replaced at any given time.


Engine Applicability

Engine modelsAircraftDiscount FEP PriceDiscount TM FEP PriceDiscount RGB FEP Price

Eligibility Requirements

Enhance your engine fleet one module at a time.

This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. P&WC may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of 5 P&WC powered aircraft. All prices in United States Dollars (USD). Contact us for more information.

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