PT6T- 3/3B - Engine Exchange Program

A Fixed Price Lets You Fly Like New


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Extend the life of your helicopter by purchasing a "zero time since overhaul" (0 TSO) engine exchange at a fixed price.

Applicable Engine ModelsExchange Price
PT6T-3 Power Section (PS)US$360,000*
PT6T-3B PSUS$380,000*
PT6T-3/3B Reduction GearboxUS$180,000

*Life-limited parts (LLP) are guaranteed to have a minimum of 8,000 cycles remaining. Option to replace LLP with higher minimum cycles remaining at additional cost.

We also offer a Flat Rate Overhaul for PT6T – 3/3B. Click here for more information.


Reduced turnaround timeCompetitive pricingNo rental engine required
Pre-order your flat rate engine exchange*Fixed priceEliminates the need for additional engine removal and installation
Meet your maintenance scheduleGuaranteed priceSimplified logistics

*Lead time may vary, contact us for more information.

Additional details

This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. P&WC may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of 5 P&WC powered aircraft. Contact us for more information.

Keep your fleet P&WC-dependable and fly with confidence.