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PT6A Overhaul Rebates

Benefit from great savings when you bring your PT6A home for overhaul.

Manage your maintenance costs - and sleep better too. Bring your engine to the P&WC Global Service Network for overhaul and you get great savings, great service and the confidence of knowing you're in the hands of the people who know your engine best, and whose reputation rides on its dependable performance, every day.

For a limited time, select PT6A engines with a high overhaul cost estimate may qualify for an escalating rebate applicable on the total overhaul invoice.

Benefit from:

Engine Models Rebate (USD)
PT6A-11/-11AG/-15AG/-112 From $10,000 to $45,000
PT6A-21/-34/-34AG/-36/-114/-114A From $5,000 to $45,000


This program is available to all operators of PT6A-11/-11AG/-15AG/-112 and PT6A-21/-34/-34AG/-36/-114/-114A engine series operated under normal operating conditions (not operated in extreme conditions). Military operations are excluded. P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any point in time, at its sole discretion. Please refer to SIL No.PT6A-180 or No. PT6A-181.


CT Blade Rebate

Refreshing news for PT6A-21/-25/-25A/-25C/-27/-28/-34/-34B/-36 engines

P&WC is offering the Platinum Aluminide Coated Compressor Turbine Blade at the same price as the Compressor Turbine Blade. This price change in the P&WC List Price constitutes nearly a 50% price reduction.

That's better protection against both oxidation and sulphidation for almost half the price. Isn't that refreshing?

Available exclusively for PT6A-21/-25/-25A/-25C/-27/-28/-34/-34B/-36 engines. P&WC has discontinued sales of the Compressor Turbine Blade (Part No. 3102401-01) starting in 2013, and encourages operators to specifically request the Platinum Aluminide Coated Compressor Turbine Blade (Part No. 3045741-01) at their next hot section or engine overhaul. Refer to SIL PT6A-199 for more details.


CT Vane Ring Refresh Exchange Program

Now available to the AG market

Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions will provide a refresh vane ring (TSO=0 OR TSN=0) exchange for a flat rate price.

Engine Model P&WC Part Number Exchange Price (USD) Core Charge (USD)
PT6A-114, -36, -34, -34AG 3123001CL
$10,800.00 $24,680.00

If no core is received within 30 days, a core charge will be invoiced. Pricing reflects 2017 USD and is subject to change. This program will be available for a limited time only. Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions (PWCS) reserves the right to terminate this program without notice. PWCS also reserves the right to refuse program exchange if repair process has begun on designated core.

This is an advance exchange program.

Scrap cores are acceptable.

Refresh exchanges are subject to part availability.


This is a limited-time offer and P&WC reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. P&WC may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of 5 P&WC powered aircraft. Contact us for more information.

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