Parts for Sale

Pratt & Whitney Canada maintains a comprehensive, fully computerized spare parts distribution system and provides the highest level of support to operators of P&WC engines worldwide.

New, used serviceable and exchange parts

We offer new, used serviceable and exchange parts. Our fully refurbished serviceable parts are available at a greatly reduced cost compared with new parts. P&WC specializes in difficult-to-manage, expensive and mission-critical hot section components. We have the largest inventory of P&WC components in the world and can provide timely, cost effective solutions to inventory management needs.

Our spare parts are available worldwide to operators through a combination of direct sales from P&WC and/or P&WC authorized distributors.

We offer a fully operational customer portal for your convenience.

You can depend on our parts support people for assistance with:

  • Customized spare parts recommendations for each maintenance level
  • Parts provisioning data and assistance
  • Spare Parts Application Data List (SPADL)
  • Spare Parts pricing

We pride ourselves on providing solutions, not just parts. Email us at

Customer First Centre

USA & Canada: 1-800-268-8000
International: +8000-268-8000
or: +01-450-647-8000

For the most convenient source of support and supply of genuine P&WC new, used serviceable or exchange spare parts contact:

Europe/ Middle East/ Africa
24-hour service
Phone: +44 20 70 26 56 91
Fax: +44 20 73 65 80 17

North America
24-hour service
Phone: 1 800 872 1792
Fax: (231) 799 8732

South America
24-Hour Service
Phone : +55 15 21 02 10 00
Fax: +55 15 21 02 10 08

Rest of the World
24 Hour Service
Phone: (231) 799 6650
Fax: (231) 799 8732

Return exchange cores to:
Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions
4905 Starila Drive
Muskegon, MI, USA