The Right Plan For Me

The Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP® Program) is an optional pay-per-hour engine maintenance plan designed for corporate and general aviation operators of selected Pratt & Whitney Canada engine models.

The ESP® program offers 4 engine maintenance budget plans designed to suit individual operator needs. The coverage options for each plan are listed below:

Coverage3 Silver Lite Silver Gold Lite Gold
Overhaul/ refurbishment, scheduled or basic x x x x
Engine repair, basic unscheduled (BUER) x x x x
Hot Section Inspection (HSI), scheduled or basic x x x x
Service Bulletins, required2 x x x x
Engine shop labour x x x x
Troubleshooting labour1
(Silver plans up to 10 hours; Gold plans, as required)
x x x x
Engine parts, excluding Life Limited Parts2 x x x x
Engine accessories, P&WC supplied (overhaul, BUER) x x x x
Rental/lease engine coverage (overhaul, BUER) x x x x
Engine Condition Trend Monitoring Analysis x x x x
Life Limited Parts2 (e.g. disks, impeller, etc.)   x   x
Line removal/installation/access labour, for core engine and rental engine, and accessories1     x x
Freight for engine, engine parts, accessories
(surface, unless AOG, excluding insurance)
    x x
Mobile Repair Team for unscheduled AOG2     x x

1 Allocation in labour hours per engine event as described in the ESP® Program Agreement.
2 Subject to provisions described in the ESP® Program Agreement.
3 Actual coverage may vary depending on the workscope described in the ESP® Agreement.

The ESP® Gold Plan offers the most comprehensive coverage and includes all the elements listed in the table above.

The Silver and Gold plans differ from the corresponding Lite plans in that the Silver and Gold plans also include cycle life limited parts (e.g. disks, impellers, rotors, etc).

Operators opting for our Gold plans benefit from the inclusion of removal and installation labour, freight and MRTs where deemed appropriate for unscheduled AOGs.

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