Electronic Technical Publications

Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Technical Publications offer customers a variety of electronic media options depending on the publication type and/or engine model.

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To convert printed technical publications to any of the following electronic formats, please contact a publications account representative. We will gladly convert printed subscriptions to electronic format for the balance of a subscription period.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

The Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) available on CD-ROM feature a user-friendly and customizable interface that serves as a single access point for multiple engine models. The IETM also includes the following engine publications:

  • Maintenance Manual
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • Service Bulletins (including P&WC Portal access and option to add Email notification)
  • Spare Parts Bulletins
  • Workscope Planning Guide, where applicable
  • Integration with Ground-Based Software (engine diagnostic tool), where applicable

PDF (Portable Document Format)

Customers who wish to reduce their paper libraries may order Technical Publications in PDF (Portable Document Format) on CD-ROM. These CD-ROM publications offer basic functionality and resemble the printed page.

P&WC Customer Portal

Technical Publications are posted on the P&WC Customer Portal, offering customers instantaneous updates.

Customers can view engine documentation the moment it is published, customize the look and feel of their web page, create real-time and customized indices, search for bulletins based on a multitude of criteria, and view the status of their technical publications with the simple click of a mouse.

Access to the Technical Publications section of the P&WC Customer Portal is subject to a fee or it may be included in the price of the Publications Collection. Please check with a publications account representative for more detailed information.

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Customers also have the option of receiving engine bulletins via email in PDF format. New and revised bulletins are emailed nightly (1:00 EST) and are available based on engine family. The email notification includes the engine model applicability, description and compliance to facilitate prompt review and action.

For all queries, please call any
of the following numbers:

Global Number: 450-647-8000 (Publications)

USA & Canada:
1-800-268- 8000 (Publications)

International (where available):
* (IAC): +8000-268- 8000 (Publications)

Email: customer.service@pwc.ca