Flight Data Management & Analysis

P&WC employs two Web-based data management systems to help you organize and analyze your data:

Turbine Tracker™

For engines that are not equipped with an Electronic Engine Control (EEC) with diagnostic capabilities, Turbine Tracker™ is used to automatically accept, organize and present trend data for ground-based analysis. Turbine Tracker™ integrates P&WC’s WebECTM® and interfaces with Helicopter Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (HECTM®) software. The flexibility of the software allows for simple downloading and formatting of data to provide seamless integration with existing maintenance routines. It provides fleet management, auto alerts, data warehousing and graphing capability.


For engines that are equipped with an EEC, WebECTM® is used to automatically accept, organize and present trend data. WebECTM® is P&WC’s most advanced aircraft turbine engine condition trend monitoring software and always contains the most recent versions of P&WC’s turbine engine performance and analysis models. Additionally, you benefit from access to the latest advances in engineering algorithms and analysis enhancement tools.

Aircraft Turbine Engine Status

The information from TurbineTracker™ and WebECTM® can be provided to CAMP Systems International, Inc (CAMP) to assist in the detection of trend shifts, exceedances and events along with regular updates on the status of your engines key parameters.

You are provided you with an easy to use color coded visual display of all your engines and their status along with any associated notes.

Notification & Alerts

Once the trend data has been sent to a Designated Analysis Centre, professionally trained technicians review your information for evidence of trend shifts. If anomalies are detected, a notification will immediately be sent with information on the changes along with suggested actions.

At any time, you can access the ‘Watch List’ that provides a quick snap shot of your fleet’s availability and readiness. In addition, auto-alerts can be created to notify you when a trend shift or exceedance occurs.

Recommended Action

The Designated Analysis Centre will not only provide a notification on any irregularity detected but will also provide recommended courses of action to you. This will allow you to take the appropriate measures to avoid any disruption to your schedule.

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