Data Management

P&WC has entered into a collaboration agreement with CAMP Systems International, Inc (CAMP) to provide Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM®) and Web-based data management systems for all P&WC engine. CAMP employs two Web-based management systems to help you organize and analyze your data: TurbineTracker™ and WebECTM®.

TurbineTracker™ and WebECTM®

  • 24 hour, 365 days/year internet-based data management systems that allow for the storage and reporting of fleet operational data.
  • Contains the most recent versions of P&WC’s turbine engine performance and analysis models.
  • For engines that are not equipped with an EEC with diagnostic capabilities, TurbineTracker™ can display, monitor and interpret any parameter exceedance or event using the Aircraft Data Acquisition System (ADAS) box

The databases are accessible by multiple users from anywhere in the world. Their enhanced navigation and graphical displays enable you to easily enter, view and analyze your recorded data.

P&WC GBSLite Diagnostic Module

  • A ground-based software system to extract and analyze diagnostic data on-site
  • Provides engine fault/event/exceedance history as well as engine recorded data related to these occurrences
  • Provides analysis tools to review all data recorded by engine controls (engine snapshot and transient data, operational data, etc)
  • Links fault code to maintenance actions directly into the Engine Maintenance Manual
  • Runs locally on a computer using a Windows Operating System


  • An interactive troubleshooting tool designed by CaseBank Technologies to help operators and service providers solve issues in a fast and thorough manner
  • Enables technicians to access best information available for fast and effective diagnosis using a knowledge base built from both P&WC Fault-Isolation Charts data and the collective wisdom and experience gained through years of in-field service
  • 24-hour, 365 days/year internet-based tool available from the P&WC Customer Portal, under the "Technical Publications", "View My Library", then "My Engine Diagnostic Tool"

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