Customer Training

Some companies supply a manual with their product. Pratt & Whitney Canada, together with our global training provider, FlightSafety International, provide a first-class school. Our mission is to offer training and services that leave an enduring impression of the excellence of our products, and make that experience available globally.

A Training Support Benchmark

P&WC's renowned Customer Support features a world-class Customer Training Program. Since 1968, P&WC training has been recognized by our customers for our quality courses and support excellence. This excellence continues with a new collaborative agreement with FlightSafety International that will make more courses available then ever before, closer to our operators.

Training and Resources Where You Need Them

P&WC, in collaboration with FlightSafety International, is offering expanded customer training possibilities at twelve FlightSafety Learning Centers around the world to meet all our customers’ needs. Please visit the FlightSafety International website for course availability and to enroll.

On-site training at client facilities is also available. To arrange on-site training, please contact FlightSafety International to make your request.

Student Privacy Notice

P&WC has entered into an arrangement with Flight Safety International Canada Ltd./Ltee (FSI) to provide training and related services on our behalf. As part of this service arrangement, personal information relating to the training courses (e.g. courses completed, date(s) of training, etc.) will be transferred to FSI and will be maintained on a confidential basis on behalf of P&WC. This personal information will only be accessed by authorized FSI personnel on a need-to-know basis and will not be transferred or disclosed, except as required or permitted by applicable law. FSI is not authorized to use or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than providing the training services and maintaining records related thereto.

If you have any questions about the manner in which we, our Customer Training affiliates or service providers treat your personal information, please contact

For FSI site and contact information, please contact FlightSafety International
9555 Ryan Avenue
Dorval, Quebec H9P 1A2
514-631-2084 or