Utility and Agricultural

The PT6A turboprop, Pratt & Whitney Canada’s first gas turbine engine family, set the stage for more than 40 years as a world leader in providing dependable power for the utility and agricultural aircraft market.

A legend throughout its history, the PT6A has fostered the design of a diverse range of aircraft with unique performance characteristics: the De Havilland Twin Otter for very short airfields in such adverse operating environments as the high altitude of the Himalayas and the cold of the Arctic; the single-engine Cessna Caravan and Pilatus PC-12 for reliable, economical cargo and commuter service; and the Air Tractor agricultural aircraft sweeping the heart of the farming countries throughout the world are only some of the success stories built on the dependable PT6A family of engines.

The PW100 turboprop and PT6B, PT6C and PT6T turboshaft engine families followed in the footsteps of the PT6A turboprop engines, demonstrating their versatility in cargo, forest fire fighting and other diverse operations. These engine families have also become legends in powering such aircraft as the Bombardier Canadair water bomber and the Bell 212 and 412 helicopters.

From 500 to 5,000 shaft horsepower, P&WC’s turboprop and turboshaft engines have exhibited sustained qualities of success for the utility and agricultural market segment. Excellence in reliability, durability and operating economics, together with easy operation and maintenance, are at the heart of these dependable engines for a highly demanding market segment. And P&WC’s steadfast commitment to continuously inject the latest advanced technologies into its engines ensures the appeal of P&WC’s utility and agricultural engines will sustain for the future.

Operators of PT6 and PW100 series engines are supported by P&WC’s industry-leading Global customer support. This includes over 30 P&WC-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support representatives on all major continents, a 24/7 Customer First Centre for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities for this market and the largest pool of P&WC rental and exchange engines in the industry.