Our first turbofan engine. And still going strong.

2,200 to 3,400 pounds thrust class

Dependable and durable. Its success sparked P&WC’s strong growth in business jet power. The JT15D’s excellent track record in serving fractional jet business aviation and specialized trainer aircraft is well proven.

The heart of mid-size business jets.

4,700 to 8,000 pounds thrust class

Powering the majority of the new generation of mid-size jets with the latest technologies to take business travelers coast to coast, continent to continent. Highly dependable, fuel-efficient thrust, clean and quiet with excellent operating economics. High performance and value are at the heart of the PW300 family.

The leader in fractional business aviation.

2,900 to 4,500 pounds thrust class

Designed for light to mid-size business jets and the high expectations of the fractional ownership business jet market. Impressive maintenance intervals and easy on-wing maintenance in an airline-style business operation. The PW500 engine family combines high performance with excellent operating economics.

Reshaping business aviation travel.

900 to 3,000 pounds thrust class

A major catalyst in shaping a new era of business aviation. The heart of the exciting new family of very light jets. The PW600 engine is compact, fuel efficient and clean with excellent operating economics.

Power to Take You Further in Business Aviation.

10,000 to 20,000 pounds thrust class

Game changing performance. Double-digit improvements in fuel burn, environmental emissions, engine noise and maintenance times for new generation intercontinental business jets and commercial aircraft.

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