More Than a Legend.

500 to 2,000 shaft horsepower class

The PT6A turboprop engine is a powerhouse that offers unmatched performance, reliability and value in its class of 500 – 2,000 shaft horsepower for a wide range of applications. From transporting people in business and airline aviation, to dropping cargo in the Antarctic darkness at 75 degrees below zero and supporting environmental efforts in reforestation programs, the dependability and versatility of the PT6A family continues to earn the highest respect from pilots worldwide.

The PT6A engine family remains the world’s most popular engine in its class and is one of P&WC's greatest success stories. Experience gained from the PT6A has helped spawn many of the engine families that have made P&WC a world leader in the gas turbine engine market.

Dependability and versatility have been the hallmarks of the PT6A and continue to be the foundation of the many new PT6A models incorporating the very latest advanced technologies. New aerodynamic and material technologies have enabled the PT6 engine to gain more power without significantly increasing in size. Other innovations have reduced emissions, increased maintenance intervals and further enhanced ease of operation with the introduction of digital electronic control to small gas turbine engines.

Ranging in power from 500 shp to over 2,000 shp, PT6A engines are available in more than 69 models, offering unsurpassed flexibility and capability for a variety of applications. The numbers speak for themselves: members of the family currently power aircraft in service with more than 6,500 operators in more than 170 countries. More than 41,000 PT6A engines have been produced since the family entered service in the 1960s, accumulating 335 million flying hours. PT6A engines have demonstrated their versatility in powering aircraft applications spanning the airlines, general aviation, business, agricultural and utility markets.

Operators of PT6A engines are supported by P&WC’s industry-leading global customer support. This includes over 30 P&WC-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support representatives on all major continents, a 24/7 Customer First Centre for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities for this market and the largest pool of P&WC rental and exchange engines in the industry.

Need service support? Call:

USA & Canada: 1-800-268-8000
International: +8000-268-8000
or: +01-450-647-8000

Are you an aircraft manufacturer? Call:

Business & General Aviation
Miro Sep
Tel: 450-647-2981

Military Programs
James Crone
Tel: 450-647-2958

Utility & Agricultural Aviation
Nivine Kallab
Tel: 450-647-2921

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