PT6 and PW200 helicopter engines, also referred to as turboshaft engines, have played a key role in P&WC’s drive to become a leader in the worldwide helicopter market, all recognized for their outstanding reliability, durability and exceptional operating economics.

The PT6T Twin-Pac® has a heritage in utility helicopters that is second to none. Our customers associate the “Twin-Pac®” with lasting dependability. With a steadfast commitment to delivering customer value and the latest advanced technology, the popularity of P&WC’s helicopter engines continues to grow in single, light-twin and medium-twin turbine helicopter applications. PT6 and PW200 powered helicopter operations in emergency medical services, off-shore oil exploration, utility, business and law enforcement are just some of the applications which have fostered the impressive reputation of these engines.

The PW210, our new 1,000 shaft horsepower class engine, sets the stage for a new era of advanced helicopter engines to be certified, beginning in 2009. The PW210 will help shape a new generation of helicopters offering impressive improvements in fuel burn, power-to-weight, environmental emissions and operating costs while maintaining P&WC’s reputation for high durability and reliability, the hallmark of dependability.

First selected to power the Sikorsky S-76D, the PW210 will raise the bar on performance and operating economics by introducing an impressive menu of advanced technologies and leveraging the developments from P&WC’s latest engine families, including the PW600. By incorporating the latest advances in compressor design technology and turbine materials, the PW210 will set a new standard in power-to-weight ratio and fuel consumption, for improved helicopter payload and range, as well as environmental friendliness.

P&WC’s helicopter engines range in power from 500 to 2,000 shaft horsepower, characterizing an impressive portfolio of engines to meet the needs of virtually any application

The PT6 Turboshaft engine family in the 1,000 to 2,000 horsepower class has set industry standards for reliability and durability since the introduction of the renowned PT6T TwinPac® four decades ago. The PT6 turboshaft family is comprised of more than 25 models, with the more than 3,500 engines produced having accumulated over 34 million flight hours. In fact, considering the PT6T is a twin-engine configuration coupled to a combining gearbox, more than 6,000 PT6 turboshaft power sections have been produced. The PT6T models power the immensely successful Bell and Agusta 212 and 412 helicopters and deliver unparalleled service in diverse operating environments throughout the world. Since introduction of the PT6T, the PT6 turboshaft product line has evolved into many twin and single engine variants, including the PT6B-37A powering the AgustaWestland AW119 Koala, with its many parapublic, utility and EMS applications, and the latest PT6C-67 series powering the AgustaWestland AW139 and selected for the Eurocopter EC175 and Bell/Agusta BA609 Tiltrotor.

The PW200 engine family has captured a majority share of the world’s light-twin helicopter market since entering service in the early 1990s and continues its strong sales momentum. The PW200 family, in the 500 to 700 shaft horsepower class, leverages the extraordinary experience of the PT6 turboshaft family with the latest advanced proven technologies to offer operators unprecedented levels of dependability and economy. The PW200 family is comprised of 10 models, with the more than 2,100 engines produced having accumulated over 2.5 million flight hours. PW200 models power the AgustaWestland A109E Power and A109 Grand, Bell 427 and 429, Eurocopter EC 135, Kazan Ansat and McDonnell Douglas MD Explorer.

The PW100TS engine family, our 2,000 to 3,000 shaft horsepower derivative of the acclaimed PW100 family of regional airline turboprop engines further expands our product line to the heavy helicopter market. The PW127TS, our first entry to the market, has been selected to power the Helicopters of Russia Mi-38.

Operators of PW200, PT6 and PW200 series engines are supported by our industry-leading Global customer support. This includes over 30 P&WC-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support representatives on all major continents, a 24/7 Customer First Centre for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities for this market and the largest pool of P&WC rental and exchange engines in the industry. P&WC’s helicopter engine support has also been consistently ranked No. 1 by operators in Pro Pilot magazine’s annual powerplant support survey.