The Power of Green

Pratt & Whitney Canada is a leader in the green evolution in aerospace with a new generation of technologies and environmental stewardship across all facets of its business, outperforming the most stringent ICAO standards. Today it is working on some 600 'green' projects in collaboration with 20 Universities across the country.

P&WC’S Corporate Responsibility

Reducing the environmental impact of our products is a core value for Pratt & Whitney Canada. We are firmly committed to ensuring that our products are designed, produced and operated while minimizing environmental impacts throughout their life cycle.

To do so, Pratt & Whitney Canada is leveraging new technologies, championing innovation and working closely with the industry to achieve specific goals.

Low Emissions – Soaring High

Today, Pratt & Whitney Canada is a leader in developing low emission technologies.

This achievement is the result of a revolutionary TALON (Technology for Advance LOw NOx) combustion technology that reduces emissions while delivering outstanding performance, durability and operating economics.

Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW307 is the greenest engine in its market and shows an improvement of more than 30% in emissions relative to ICAO standards. Our TALON 2 combustor technology also meets Zurich 5 requirements for no surcharges.

Another great example is Pratt & Whitney Canada’s new PurePower™ PW800. This engine will show an improvement of up to 50% in NOx emissions relative to ICAO standards, as well as an improvement of 35% in carbon monoxide emissions.

In the longer term, new technologies are being developed by Pratt & Whitney Canada to reduce NOx down to the 80% reduction level, benefiting from further combustion and engine performance improvements.

Pratt & Whitney Canada is also studying the impact of emissions during near-ground operation in the vicinity of airports as well as cruise emissions at higher altitudes. This involves participation in ICAO and other national and international working groups and performing environmental impact studies.

Maria Mandato
Corporate Communications
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