Fun Facts

So Much More than your Average Workplace

Do you know whether the following facts are true of Plant 1, Plant 5 or Mirabel Aerospace Centre?

  • One of this facility’s flying test beds had been abandoned in the desert for over 10 years before P&WC bought and rebuilt it.
  • Quebec’s Premier Ministre, Jean Charest, attended and made a speech at this facility’s inauguration ceremony.
  • During construction, office employees worked out of a trailer in the parking lot of this facility for nearly one year.

Answer: Mirabel Aerospace Centre

  • P&WC employees performed maintenance work on a PT6A-powered Chevrolet Corvette and test drove it on the runway of this facility.
  • Employees grow flowers and vegetables at this facility’s community garden.
  • Originally built as a 130,000 square foot helicopter facility, this plant started production on the Sikorsky Sea King in 1966.

Answer: Plant 5 in St-Hubert

  • Construction workers thought they struck it rich while digging to build part of this facility. They discovered 6 feet deep worth of Pyrite, a metal nicknamed “Fool’s Gold” during the California Gold Rush for its close resemblance to the real thing and ability to fool even the most seasoned diggers.
  • During a visit, one of our customers entered this facility accompanied by a dazzling troop of carnival performers.
  • The PT6 had its first run in a test cell located behind this plant.

Answer: Plant 1 in Longueuil