Our Code of Ethics governs all our business decisions and actions. Comprised of our Corporate Principles and Standards of Conduct, the Code expresses our fundamental values and provides a framework for decision making.

Pratt & Whitney Canada is committed to the highest standards of ethics and conduct. These standards encompass our relationships with our customers, our suppliers, competitors, our shareowners, the communities in which we operate and our interactions with each other as employees at every level of our organization.

Standards of Conduct

Our Standards of Conduct assist us in defining our ethical principles. We interpret these standards within the framework of the laws and mores of the jurisdictions in which we operate, but also in keeping with the policies of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), our parent company, and good common sense. Reasons such as “everyone does it” or “it's not illegal” are unacceptable excuses for violating our standards. We are mindful of avoiding at all times, on and off the job, circumstances and actions that give even the appearance of impropriety or wrongdoing which could discredit the Corporation.

These Standards of Conduct are enforced equitably at all organizational levels.

UTC's Code of Ethics and other related brochures are available online on UTC's Corporate Responsibility web page