Economic Impact

Our deep commitment to R&D and education plays a major role in shaping and growing the Canadian aerospace industry.

Pratt & Whitney Canada: A Key Contributor to the Canadian Economy

For 85 years, Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has played a major role in shaping and growing the Canadian aerospace industry. The company has helped position Canada as a leader on the world stage and has generated significant socioeconomic benefits for Canadians across the country.

Economy: P&WC Contributes over $2 Billion to Canada’s GDP Every Year

Helping to power Canada’s economy, P&WC contributes an average of over $2 billion per year to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product. The company also generates hundreds of millions of dollars per year in income taxes.

Research and Development: P&WC Invests close to $500 Million in Research & Development Every Year

Positioning Canada as an international aerospace leader, P&WC is a leading R&D investor in the Canadian aerospace sector. The company invests close to $500 million per year in R&D.

A strong focus on R&D allows the company to lead the way in the global market. Thanks to robust development processes, P&WC has been timely in responding to market needs. In the last 25 years, the company has introduced 100 new engines, a record in the industry. This positions P&WC strongly within all its key markets. Today, a P&WC-powered aircraft takes off or lands somewhere in the world every second.

P&WC is leading the way in developing a new generation of greener engines. The company is consistently working towards developing cleaner, quieter, more fuel-efficient engines. In many cases, P&WC betters the most stringent noise and emission standards in the industry (International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO standards).

Government Partnerships: P&WC Has Invested $10.6 billion in R&D since 1982

Research and development has long been a cornerstone of P&WC’s success. Government programs recognize that R&D projects in the aerospace industry require huge investments and very long development periods. It also takes a very long time for R&D initiatives to generate actual revenues. In fact, product lifecycles can be more than 25 years. As recognized by other countries which provide support to their respective aerospace industries, these factors point to the importance of public-private partnerships in the funding of R&D projects.

Committed to Canada: P&WC Moves Ahead with the Mirabel Aerospace Centre

P&WC is committed to its business activities in Quebec and across Canada. For example, the company began construction of the world-class Mirabel Aerospace Centre which was completed in the spring of 2011. P&WC will invest $450 million in this leading edge centre which will incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced manufacturing technologies and processes.

Employment: P&WC Provides over 6,200 High-Quality Jobs in Canada

With facilities in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, Pratt & Whitney Canada helps generate employment for Canadians across the country. The company directly provides approximately 6,200 high-quality jobs in Canada, including approximately 1,350 specialized positions in our Quebec and Ontario Research and Development centres.

Education: P&WC Partners with 20 Universities and the National Research Council

P&WC works closely with approximately 20 universities across Canada and the National Research Council to develop new technologies and processes. The company invests over $12 million per year on collaborative projects with universities. To date, hundreds of students have worked on more than 600 projects for P&WC. In addition, the company hires about 500 students each year.

Supplier Network: P&WC Counts on over 1,500 Canadian Suppliers

In working with over 1,500 suppliers across the country, P&WC creates and maintains many indirect jobs, stimulates Canada’s aerospace industry, and creates opportunities for many small and medium enterprises.

Social Responsibility: P&WC and Its Employees Contribute approximately $3 Million Each Year to Non-Profit Organizations

P&WC is committed to giving back to the community. The company and its employees contribute approximately $3 million each year to non-profit organizations across the country focused primarily on education, arts & culture and the environment.

P&WC is one of the largest contributors to Centraide/United Way in Canada, having donated over $10 million to the organization since 1996. Other organizations supported by P&WC include the National Arts Centre, the Scotia Music Festival, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation.

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