Dependable People

Pratt & Whitney Canada has a dependable and high-performance workforce.

We are committed to maintaining a progressive and healthy workplace where people feel valued and inspired to excel professionally, grow personally, and realize their full potential. To achieve this, we engage in best-in-class employment practices in the areas of:

Rewards and Recognition

P&WC recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions through a variety of awards from honorary, monetary and other types of rewards. We also offer comprehensive benefits, savings and pension plans, as well as financial support for parental leaves and adoptions.

Learning and development

Our professional learning and development program combines the best of many resources to provide employees the tools they need to progress. Program elements include educational assistance, in-house and online training, a scholarship program for employees' children, leave for university studies and alliances with educational institutions to offer on-site education.

Health and Safety

Keeping employees healthy from hire to retirement is the goal of our Health & Safety programs. In addition to emergency services, we offer many programs that help prevent health problems and promote a healthy lifestyle. Services include an on-site medical clinic, general medical services, online e-doctor, emergency health services, a flu vaccination program, and a wellness and assistance program. Our health and safety performance is considered an industry benchmark.

Supportive work environment

P&WC promotes a flexible and supportive work environment to help employees balance professional and personal responsibilities. In some locations, we offer on-site daycare, physical fitness facilities, recreational clubs, and one-stop services like cafeterias and automated teller machines. Our leave of absence program lets employees defer part of their salary to finance time off.


Our Code of Ethics governs all our business decisions and actions. Comprised of our Corporate Principles and Standards of Conduct, the Code expresses our fundamental values and provides a framework for decision making.
Pratt & Whitney Canada is committed to the highest standards of ethics and conduct. These standards encompass our relationships with our customers, our suppliers, competitors, our shareowners, the communities in which we operate and our interactions with each other as employees at every level of our organization.

Employee Engagement

Our annual Employee Survey measures engagement and ensures we sustain a high-performance culture. Far from being an end in itself, our Survey results are discussed and translated into tangible action plans that are reviewed by Senior Management and monitored throughout the year. Making their voices heard is only one of the ways our employees can take pride in making a difference in their work environment.